Parcel Trolleys & Sack Trucks

Parcel Trolleys & Sack Trucks

We manufacture simple, heavy-duty parcel trucks and trolleys designed for the freight and haulage industry.

Parcel Trolleys

Parcel Trolley

Our Parcel Trolleys are manufactured with a heavy-duty, robust steel frame with a solid wooden base.

Designed for easy loading and unloading the trolleys can be manufactured with 3 sides and an open front, or 4 sides with a hinged gate for added security when in transit.

Sack Trucks

Parcel Trolley

For smaller loads our Sack Trucks provide a sturdy, versatile transit solution. The large diameter pneumatic wheels allow you to transport parcels across uneven terrain with minimal effort, solid wheels are available for environments where sharp objects may be encountered.

The all steel construction, with solid steel toe provides a maximum lifting capacity of 250kgs.

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Parcel Trolleys & Sack Trucks

  • Strong Stainless Steel Tube Construction
  • Variety of wheels and castors for different applications
  • Custom finishes for specific working environments
  • Replacement Handles, Wheels and Castors available
U.K. Made

Manufactured in the U.K  

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Call sales on: 01902 497 473

U.K. Made